Planning Tools: How To Make Toast » Storyboard

Posted on March 10, 2011


This is the first page – a splash page introducing the aim (how to make toast) to the user. Users are asked to click the ‘click here to begin’ button on the bottom right hand corner.

Once the ‘lets begin’ button is clicked the button fades out and main graphic smoothly slides to the top of the screen.

There are 14 buttons on the right handside of the screen. These toasts will fall one by one after the main graphic finishes moving to the top. The arrow and text ‘start’ will appear and a black box will enter from the right. Finally the white arrow and the intro text will appear.

The rest of the steps will appear in a similar manner to the intro page. The toast buttons on the side serve as both navigation and as a reminder of what stage/step the user is on.

Right, so that was my very rough storyboard. I bet you couldn’t guess that I like serif fonts and black/white color schemes…


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