Interactive Design: Examples

Posted on March 14, 2011


OMGPOP // Online Flash Games

OMGPOP is a site that hosts a large number of online multiplayer games. Once registered, members will be assigned their own profile page which they can then customise with information about themselves. OMGPOP also allows members to ‘friend’ other people and like Facebook, utilises a ‘wall’ function where friends can leave messages. Member profiles also show level information (the more you play, the higher the level. I’m on level..1), achievements (not too sure what kind of achievements are listed, I haven’t ‘achieved’ anything yet), arcade stats (what level you’re on for each game you’ve played and your ranking) as well as a questions wall and an activity feed.

There are over 20 different games available on OMGPOP. These games allow members to verse other members – usually on a random basis as the system chooses your opponents for you.

What’s most impressive about OMGPOP is that the whole site is built on Flash…oh, and it’s addictive…I think I’m going to play some Tetris now…

SketchSwap // Online Sketching

Sketchswap is a Flash and Javascript based application that allows you to draw anything you want and swap it with a random stranger over the internet (it’s completely safe, just don’t go writing your personal details). The whole idea was inspired by File Swap which was created by Marcus Renschler. The great thing about SketchSwap is that you don’t need to register, so if you’re crap at drawing (like me) you won’t have to worry because people don’t actually know who is sending the drawings. Awesome. Though I feel kinda bad I sent off random squiggly lines and got an awesome drawing of a lady’s face in return…

Apple iPad

Ah, now for a more ‘tangible’ example – one you can actually hold in your hands. The iPad is a range of ‘table-computers’ designed by Apple that allow users to do a variety of different things like watch movies, listen to music, read e-book, surf the web and play games. It’s like, how do I put this? An oversized iPod touch. The iPad utilises the same multitouch display as the iPod Touch and iPhone and runs on the exact same software. The iPad is a great example of interactive design because it’s design is user-centered and intuitive in terms of weight and ease of use. It also allows users to extend on the way they work and play by allowing them to take with them their books, games, documents, music and movies anywhere they go.