Information/Instructional Design: Example

Posted on March 22, 2011


Map of the London Underground


Maps are generally good examples of Information Design as it takes complex routes and roads, or in this case, railways and presents it to the audience/user in a more comprehensible manner. The London Underground map utilizes a colour-coded system to differentiate between the different lines. This schematic system has also been adopted by other transports systems around the world including our own ‘Cityrail’.

Ambulance Service of New South Wales’s CPR Chart


This CPR chart by the Ambulance Service of New South Wales is an example of Instructional Design as it illustrates the steps required to perform a Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation in a simple and easy to read manner. The chart is designed with the importance of information hierarchy in mind – title on top, step-by-step instructions listed in order from top to bottom. It also provides a visual aid to the information given, to help users visualize the instructions and may also be helpful for those who may be illiterate in the English language.

Statistical Information Design: The Worst Oil Spills in History


The above is an example of Statistical Information Design which is basically the representation of statistics in a more appealing and easy to read manner. Presenting statistics as text and numbers on a page is generally very boring to read. It can also be overwhelming at times. The above example is a beautifully designed alternative to presenting stats, which not only heightens the appeal but also becomes more understandable and easy to read.

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